ClassRoof Bioclimatic

ClassRoof Bioclimatic



ClassRoof Bioclimatic is a modern high-tech alternative to traditional sun protection structures: gazebos, awnings, pergolas with an awning. It provides protection from almost any weather manifestations: intense sunlight, precipitation, wind and low temperatures. Due to the high degree of mechanization of the control process of all elements, the use of a bioclimatic pergola with a sliding roof is simple and accessible even to children and people with disabilities.

The Bioclimatic roof is able to adjust the intensity of lighting thanks to sliding slats that can be completely removed to the side, providing maximum access to sunlight. In rainy weather, the Bioclimatic sliding roof closes and, thanks to reliable seals and the special shape of the profile of the slats, protects the interior space, including from intense precipitation. The drainage system is organized in such a way when water to the storm sewer is redirected according to internal complaints without causing discomfort to vacationers. For protection from wind and low temperatures, fabric ZIP-screens or glazing are used. This allows you to use the building for family holidays even in late autumn and early spring.

Our company offers ’Bioclimatic’ products with a sliding roof in several modifications:

  • Attached to the house in the form of a canopy or with vertical racks
  • In the form of a free-standing structure
  • Sliding lamella systems on ready-made structures
The structure is made of high-strength modern materials that feature high corrosion resistance. During operation, there is no need for additional seasonal maintenance: regular painting, preservation for the winter, etc. The power elements are represented by reliable and low-noise electric motors that provide the necessary force for quick adjustment of the lamellas.Separately, let us mention here the possibilities of commercial use of canopies with a sliding roof. Based on additional options that provide protection from bad weather, ‘Bioclimatic’ can be used as an all-weather terrace for a restaurant or cafe, which will significantly increase the profitability of the restaurant business.



Zip Blind

Zip Blind systems are motorized outdoor blinds that have been designed for your comfort at any time of the year. The main element of the system is a specially designed Zip Blind zipper, which is welded to the edges of the curtain fabric. In particular, it provides greater privacy and year-round protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects.

The Zip Blind lock technology with its main tape provides perfect protection from sunlight / UV rays.

Control: automatic.

Guillotine Automatic glazing system

Guillotine Automatic glazing system is one of the most innovative automatic window systems in Windows systems. This Windows system runs under the control of an automation system.

It is made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm or double-glazed windows of 20 and 22 mm with the possibility of selectivity. The tempered glass moves up and down through triple side channels. The strap, pulley and motor provide up and down movement. Due to this improved movement system, the glass acquires conditional movement capabilities.

Essentially, the most important key element of this system is the fixed glass. The remaining parts move along this fixed glass. Therefore, when the system is in the open position, the fixed glass acts as a railing.

Control: automatic.

Optional: Colored glass; Insulating glass

Sliding Glass System

Sliding glass doors for terraces are designed for smooth operation and beautiful design. Standard sliding doors open by sliding along horizontal rails. They are designed for operating either with the right or left hand. While swing doors open inwards or outwards, sliding doors do not require free room to turn and can accommodate cramped spaces. Sliding Glass protects against external influences in adverse weather conditions, such as wind, rain, snow, dust, etc. Made of tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm or double- glazed windows of 20 and 22 mm with the possibility of selectivity.

Optional: Colored glass; Insulating glass


Simple and reliable automation systems. They are incredibly convenient. You can control them via remote control, smartphone or tablet. Create an individual scenario – defining the necessary settings – and the design will respond to the slightest changes in wind and solar activity. Solar-wind automation will open the canopy and close it when solar activity increases. We equip projects with automation of the ‘Somfy’ French company. And we are 100% sure of the quality of the products – that is why we recommend them to you.




Due to the wind-, rain- and sun sensors, you get optimal protection in all weather conditions. The sensors operate based on pre-defined scenarios always adapted to your needs. The sensors respond automatically and easily adapt to the weather and the situation, even if you are not at home.



Somfy motors are manufactured taking into account the most severe weather conditions. For this reason, each Somfy product is tested before being shipped from the factory. All Somfy engines are manufactured in accordance with IP44 standards. Somfy motors are covered by a 2-year warranty from the ‘Somfy’.

  • Silent operation
  • Easily adjustable upper and lower limits
  • Integration of rain-, wind- and sun sensors
  • High closing adjustment for all pergola and Bioclimatic models
  • Easy to manage from your smartphone or laptop via the SOMFY CONNEXION interface
  • Control of multiple canopies with a single multi-channel remote control
  • Dimmer on the remote control
  • Possibility of pre-programming with ’my’ function
  • 230V + 50Hz voltage
  • 433,38 MHz Radio FrequencyValue


Our company gives priority to aesthetic appearance. And the most important addition is aesthetic images – the illumination. We offer you a wide range of lighting options in our solutions. At your request, we can provide a white or yellow (daylight) LED strip, suitable for your environment. Our LEDs are Samsung A + 24V / 3W LEDs (700 lumens). In our bioclimatic solutions, we offer you a two-line LED technology (RGB + SunLight) with an elegant appearance. With the RGB LED strip, you will have the opportunity to switch the LED to different colors. And with the SunLight LED strip, you will have the opportunity to switch the LED to daylight. Using the latest dimmer system, you can adjust the brightness of the lighting. The energy- saving function ensures you an environmentally friendly shading system.


In our systems, we use first-class blocking fabrics SERGE FERRARI and Sattler. Our tent fabrics are covered by a 7-year warranty with all international quality certificates. Due to its function of protection from cold in winter and sunlight in summer, our fabrics provide energy consumption as a nature-friendly tool. Our fabrics are produced as standard in beige, white and gray colors, and come in two patterns: 3D and plain. Our blackout fabric is 100% waterproof with excellent structure. When installing a blocking fabric with special wicks and gaskets, the result is highly effective insulation.

Thanks to the additional fabric insulation, our gazebo is one step ahead of its competitors. A thin film layer on the fabric provides excellent heat and cold insulation. The darkening film protects the interior space from sunlight and provides a balance of heat and cold. The tolerance range of the fabric is from -30 degrees to +70 degrees. PVC–based fabric – 620gr/m2. Due to its fire resistance, our fabric minimizes the risk of fire. Due to its antibacterial properties, it protects against rot and insects. The hygienic structure makes cleaning of the fabric easy.

Thanks to the dense weave and strong structure, you will always enjoy high performance for a very long time.

Catalog RAL

In the aluminum profile, we use the technique of applying electrostatic powder paint.

This is done by spraying powder paint particles with a paint gun on the surface of the aluminum profile. Since the surface of the profile and paint powders have the opposite charge, they strongly adhere to each other. After this process, the profiles enter the furnace, which is heated to 200 degrees Celsius, and at this stage the painting process ends. With this technique, we give you a 5-year warranty on the paint.