Pergola & Bioclimatic Systems


We offer?

We offer high-quality modern pergolas and bioclimatic systems with their full automation. These are functional canopies that protect from the sun, rain and wind.
Additionally, we install glazing of your choice – sliding or vertical. We equip the created structures with ZIP-rolls, and automation.

All our products and accessories are perfectly combinable with each other. And due to the stylish modern design, the richness of fabrics in different shades and colors – which fit harmoniously into any landscape or interior design.


Of work


Leave a request in any convenient way. Our manager will call back and consult you.

Will answer the questions.

Making estimates

We make and send an estimate with a 3d visualization of the project, taking into account all your wishes. We discuss every detail, clarify the nuances.

Confirmation of an order

We agree on the cost and terms.

We go to the object

We make measurements and inspect the installation site.

Execution of works

In accordance with the schedule and agreed deadlines, we perform the work. Acceptance of the project. Making a full payment.
Answers to the questions
  • 1
    Is it possible to use the terrace round-the-year?
    • Pergola & Bioclimatic extends the service life of the terrace, it can be used in the extreme sun, rain, and in combination with glass partitions it is useful in the cold season, including in winter when the pergola can be heated using electric heaters for complete comfort. A large range of fully automated and equipped pergolas will turn an open space into a comfortable one, ready to create controlled shading, ventilation and temperature.
  • 2
    Will the system affect the look of the space?
    • Pergola&Bioclimaticisthelatestarchitecturaltrendsintheuseofterraces,whichcreateelegant and comfortable outdoor spaces. Side elements, such as sliding systems made of safety glass, shading screens (ZIP systems), etc., are easily integrated into the design. The mounting points are not visible, the engine is completely hidden. The pergolas can be customized according to the model and color, so the terrace will perfectly harmonize with the design of the house or public place, adapting to your preferences and requirements.
  • 3
    Are there any limitations in size?
    • We offer systems with the possibility of custom manufacturing, according to the desired sizes. The structures are extremely strong, which allows them to have very large dimensions. The modular design of the pergola allows you to shade any surface, regardless of length and width. Thus, Pergola & Bioclimatic will fit perfectly into the desired space.
  • 4
    Do I need to install the lighting myself?
    • Pergola & Bioclimatic includes lighting consisting of LED strip and RGB LEDs. Side LED strips illuminate the system everywhere creating warm atmosphere. RGB LEDs, hidden LED strip illumination with an infinite color range help create the desired atmosphere in the space.
  • 5
    How strong and durable are your systems?
    • High-quality anodized aluminum profiles and Bioclimatic lamellas guarantee unsurpassed durability regardless of the conditions. The slats have been tested in the most extreme conditions, when loaded with a snow layer they withstand the load, which means that they will work anywhere, even in adverse conditions. The aluminum construction is characterized by exceptional strength and can cover a large area.
  • 6
    How well are your systems automated?
    • Pergola & Bioclimatic is equipped with a motorized automated drive. They are operated from a remote control, phone, or tablet. The remote control, available via 1 or 5 channels, can individually control the gazebo or the entire group of systems, such as pergola, panoramic windows, ZIP system, lighting. The option is available which is based on sun-, rain- and wind sensors and which automatically removes the slats depending on weather conditions. The rotation mechanism with the motor is noise-free. An audio system with Bluetooth technology may additionally be integrated into the pergola design.
  • 7
    Do you only sell or also install your systems?
    • We offer complete turnkey project management with measurements, manufacturing and installation on site. We also install all automation systems and additional options.
  • 8
    Do you provide a warranty?
      • - The warranty for aluminum is 5 years
      • - The warranty for Somfy motor is 2 years
      • - The warranty for LED and electric parts is 2 years
      • - The warranty for Sattler tent fabric is 7 years